April 4, 2019 – Newsletter Issue 1

E3 Metals Investor Insights Newsletter

Welcome to our inaugural E3 Investor Insights Newsletter!

As many of you know, our speed to commercial success has recently further accelerated with the continued advancement of our proprietary Ion Exchange Lithium Extraction Technology.

On March 4, 2019, we announced that we had enhanced the robustness and performance of our sorbent. This is a significant milestone because it allows us to concentrate our vast oilfield brine lithium resource feedstock without using additional energy. It is also a significant step toward supporting E3's goal of becoming an industry leading, low-cost producer of battery grade lithium products.

On April 4, 2019, we closed a non-brokered private placement financing for gross proceeds of $1,390,194. Due to strong demand, we accepted over-subscriptions of approximately 32%, or $445,000 more than the original $945,000 financing target.

We are extremely encouraged by the confidence placed in E3 through this financing. E3 Metals plans on deploying the raised capital towards the continued progression of its proprietary Ion Exchange Lithium Extraction Technology. Once the Extraction Technology is sufficiently optimized in a lab-based prototype, E3 will move towards the construction and deployment of a pilot plant in E3 Metals’ permit area.

A bit on our huge lithium resource and proprietary extraction technology…

We are aiming to extract our impressive 6.7 Mt lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) mineral resource* and produce 10,000 tonnes of LCE by 2022. Through the development of our proprietary Ion Exchange Lithium Extraction Technology, we are rapidly and efficiently moving towards the production of high purity, battery grade, lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate.

We will be extracting lithium from oilfield brine… yes, oilfield brine!

We are a petro-lithium company, developing and implementing a direct brine process technology. What does this mean? E3´s lithium resources are located in the Leduc Reservoir, a historic oil and gas reservoir with 70 years of production history that contains mostly water. Dissolved in this water is upwards of 86 mg/L lithium. Our proprietary technology concentrates this lithium up to over 5000 mg/L within hours and leaves the remaining impurities behind. This means we can process this concentrated feedstock - using conventional techniques - without the need to use evaporation ponds. Compared to South American lithium production which can take 18-24 months to evaporate and process lithium, direct brine extraction is accomplished in a matter of hours with higher yields. This, combined with the sheer volume of brine we can deliver from the Leduc Reservoir in Alberta, will allow us to scale up our operations and guarantee our lithium production and delivery into a growing market.

Secure Alberta oilfield brine to boot…

Location is one of the most important factors for a mineral development project. Our lithium project is in the heart of central Alberta and in the perfect jurisdiction for a project of this kind. With low geopolitical risk and an established permitting process from the oil and gas industry, the project offers a secure location with significant existing infrastructure to move this project forward.

Within our project area there are hundreds of wells and thousands of kilometres of pipeline, providing options for us to reduce capital and operating costs. This existing infrastructure would also allow us to lower our environmental impact and avoid development delays.

Thank you for your continued interest in E3 Metals

In these Newsletters we will provide you with more in-depth information on E3’s news and on-going developments, as well as our take on various aspects of lithium production relating to what we at E3 are learning and doing. [][1] We invite you to learn more about E3 Metals by visiting our website at [www.e3metalscorp.com][1] and continue to follow E3 Investor Insights.

Please also note if you would like to meet with our team or have us present to your investment Club or advisor team, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Kindest regards,

Chris Doornbos
President and CEO
E3 Metals Corp.


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