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Founded in early 2016, E3 Metals Corp is a lithium extraction technology company that has also delineated a significant lithium resource in Alberta. E3 Metals is combining its significant lithium resource with proprietary and existing technology solutions to potentially deliver lithium to market in one of the best resource development jurisdictions in the world - Alberta, Canada. 

Goal/Value Proposition

E3’s goal is to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide that can be used directly within lithium-ion batteries, allowing E3 to fetch top value for its product. E3 Metals intends to develop a commercially viable lithium extraction and production process and be in production by 2022. 


E3 Metals Corp is currently developing a proprietary ion-exchange lithium extraction technology which will allow it to economically extract commercial quantities of lithium from oilfield brine in Alberta.

Lithium Resource

E3 has a significant source of lithium in the lithium enriched brine located within the Leduc Reservoir, and to date has delineated 6.7 million tonnes of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE) of inferred mineral resource. 

Alberta Advantage Location

The development of E3’s lithium resource through brine production is a well understood venture in Alberta where this oilfield brine is currently being produced to surface through extensive oil and gas development. By developing proprietary ion-exchange lithium extraction technology and applying it in a resource extraction savvy environment, E3 hopes to produce commercial quantities of lithium in a very cost effective manner compared to other extraction methods and other jurisdictions.

Technical Milestones

While the lithium brine and hydrocarbons are mutually exclusive, the Leduc Reservoir can support the production of brine few others can boast, with one well having the ability to bring 10,000 m3/day (115 L/s) to surface. With an average and consistent grade of 77.4 mg/L in the Clearwater Resource Area, E3 Metals’ Ion-Exchange Technology can quickly produce a concentrate with a grade of over 1200 mg/L. With 99% of the impurities removed at the same time and recoveries greater than 80%, this produces a concentrate feedstock that is likely to be processed directly by conventional lithium production technology to produce high purity lithium hydroxide (LiOH∙H2O).

Environmental & Social Advantages

E3 Metals would leverage and re-purpose existing oilfield infrastructure such as well sites, roads and pipelines, and would create resource extraction and resource production jobs in Alberta - a jurisdiction rich in both technical and field operations expertise, and which offers a stable political and regulatory environment for the extraction and production of natural resources. To date, while E3 Metals has delineated one of the largest lithium resources in the world, it has zero new land disturbance in its permit area as it has conducted all of its activities using existing infrastructure.

Alberta Resource Areas (Leduc Reservoir)

Clearwater: 1.9 million tonnes LCE

Rocky: 0.9 million tonnes LCE

Exshaw: 3.9 million tonnes LCE

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Management & Directors

Exchange traded on: TSX Venture Exchange

Trading Symbol:  ETMC

Shares Outstanding: 25,073,985

Shares Outstanding Fully Diluted: 30,504,631

Last Financing Date and Amount: $1.39 million on April 4, 2019

Chris Doornbos (P.Geo)                President, CEO, Director

Liz Lappin (P.Geo)                         VP Corporate Affairs and Exploration

Greg Florence (CPA, CMA)           CFO/Company Secretary

Mike O’Hara (P.Eng)                      Director

Peeyush Varshney LL.B                Director

Paul Reinhart                                 Director

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President, CEO, Director | P. Geo, BSc(Hons)

Seasoned industry professional managing exploration and development companies in Canada and across the globe. Specializing in project advancement.

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Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Exploration | P. Geo, BSc(Hons)

Professional Geologist with over 14 years experience in Alberta’s Energy industry working for some of Canada’s largest oil and gas producers.