Looking for lithium in all the right places
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A University of Alberta graduate is determined to drive a shift in energy’s future, powered by a high-efficiency battery. To help realize his goal, Chris Doornbos, the president and CEO of E3 Metals is working with scientists from his alma mater on a collaborative research project, together providing solutions for the fast and efficient concentration of lithium from Petro-Lithium brine.

“Once we get this project going, we will be able to definitively claim that we are producing the greenest lithium on the planet,” said Doornbos. Though quick to point out that lithium batteries aren’t the silver bullet to society’s environmental challenges, Doornbos encourages it’s a promising start to transition us toward a decentralized energy future. “Fundamentally, I’ve always believed that the key to energy’s future is a high-efficiency battery that’s going to allow us to move electricity efficiently.”

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