Evolution in Energy


Project Overview


E3 Metals Corp combines a significant resource with the right technology solutions that have the potential to deliver lithium to market in one of the best jurisdictions in the world. 

Our prolific Leduc Reservoir hosts lithium enriched brine with 6.7 million tonnes LCE inferred mineral resource* delineated to date. The development of this resource through brine production is a well understood venture in Alberta, where this brine is currently being produced to surface through extensive oil and gas development.

While the lithium brine and hydrocarbons are mutually exclusive, the Leduc Reservoir can support the production of brine few others can boast, with one well having the ability to bring 10,000 m3/day (115 L/s) to surface.

With an average and consistent grade of 77.4 mg/L in the Clearwater Resource Area*, E3 Metals’ Ion-Exchange Technology can quickly produce a concentrate with a grade of over 1200 mg/L. With 99% of the impurities removed at the same time and recoveries greater than 80%, this produces a concentrate feedstock that is likely to be processed directly by conventional lithium production technology to produce high purity lithium hydroxide (LiOH∙H2O)*.

E3’s goal is to produce battery grade lithium hydroxide that can be used directly within lithium-ion batteries, allowing E3 to fetch top value for our product.